My Toddler Just Slipped on Carpet

Literally.  He was doing this galloping kick step thing he usually does and his feet, covered in socks and Elmo slippers with skip protection in the bottom, slipped.  I thought that this was the clumsiest thing I have ever witnessed or at least one of them.  Le sigh.

For years I have raised a girl and while she wasn’t your traditional tutu donning twirling girl she wasn’t as rough and tumbling as the boys I am now raising.  Even if I decide to call my daughter something of a tomboy, she’s always been athletic and even practices skateboard tricks in her teens, she has never been this action packed and accident prone.

Mommy Inertia: A toddler at rest stays at rest until he finds something else to jump on.
Mommy Inertia: A toddler at rest stays at rest until he finds something else to jump on.

I have noticed, especially now that I am (very temporarily) living with my parents that my boys are way too boisterous, especially now that I need to consider the sensitivities of others, older others.  They begin to scream the moment they wake and every movement my toddler makes is sort of…exaggerated.  His walking is more of a stomp. The chandeliers downstairs tremor pretty much all day thanks to him.  He whisper yells, if that’s a thing.  And even if I tell my sweet baby to sit down for a sec so as not to make noise for a little while, he still kind of slams his body down not really understanding that he doesn’t need to move in such a calamitous fashion.  Maybe he’s too little to have learned finesse. Anyway…

I have been watching them closely.  My one year old often careens off of the bed, such as he did this morning only to be saved by my lightening fast reflexes.  He never actually hits the floor.  I truly believe spirit guides me in these cases.  My mind scans the severity of what might have been after I have effectively saved the situation.  God is good.  Seriously.

My toddler runs fulls speed while he looks in the opposite direction.  In other words, NOT forward.  I have wondered if there was an issue of equilibrium with either of them.  Although there have been occasions where they seem to fall from a simple standing position, a problem with balance (inner ear issues) has been officially ruled out.

The issue is sheer recklessness.  Actually it’s not an issue so much as a quality that I have come to respect.  They are fearless but to a degree.  I mean, they do exercise a some bit of caution and I think they trust my protection, perhaps with a bit too much certainty.

I have contemplated the need to discipline them so that they won’t be reckless in the wrong environment and find themselves in true danger of serious injury.  When I say contemplate, I really mean I mull I consider the view points of others and the cause and effect of various parenting styles.  My mother keeps telling this same story of a little girl who watched her grandfather fall on subway tracks and stepped back when he told her to right before a train came and killed him.  She, my mother, has a knack for conveying the macabre with comical dedication so I am usually only half listening.  I did, however,  take the cue from the universe to consider how I might get my boys to listen and obey more.  For their safety mostly.  I have been giving it some very serious thought.

It seems that people want me to kind of beat my children into submission as I feel our generation had been.  First off, I know that that does not work as much as people might think. Secondly, I refuse to use violence to convey love and protection, at least not intentionally.  It is confusing.  I also happen to respect my children as individuals, so I give them respect when they’re being respectful.   I would like to think I can reason with them.  But they’re tiny and have a very tiny amount of phx to give…mama knows. Mama sees.

So, as all things come down to metaphysics for me, I seek not to attract misfortune to us by not thinking of it as much or as intensely.  I know that things happen but I try not to dwell on those adverse possibilities.  If I am not careful I will become OBSESSED with safety precautions and possible horror stories.  I say this because I know myself.  I choose to be more aware and mentally, emotionally and vibrationally careful.

Alas, it stands to be said that life requires fine tuning.  A lot of peace and inspired action.  Like child proofing as much as possible but knowing that mishaps are sort of inevitable and things happen.  Going with the flow, being calm in the face of panic and always being prepared to kiss a booboo is my main goal.  With that, I can happily say my children are joyful and safe.


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