FREQUENCIES – Great Movie and Subsequent Mental Meanderings

For the past decade or so, terms like vibration, elevation and frequency have become a normal aspect of my thought process and conversation. Since phrases like “getting bad vibes” have become so cliche and common in a very empty flat sense, I hesistate to speak in those terms anymore and therefore, I speak way less because my thoughts are still consumed by the concepts. It just seems best to converse alone, so to speak.

My entire life has become a practice of vibrational adustments. The underlying reasons for anything I engage in from herbal medicine, a vegan diet or company I choose to keep are due to my constant consideration of frequency. It is an idea that slips in and out of my grasp in terms of full intellectual integration since it is important to understand how it applies on every level and inevitably life gets in the way and the default settings usually set in.

But as anyone who embarks on this journey will tell you, the universe sends reminders and more often than not, I am always nudged back into the clarity of vibrational energy. There is either a synchronistic occurence that happens so often in my life that it is startling or I happen upon something in the media, a book, blog, movie or song that not only reminds me of the molecular basic structure that governs all life but the spiritual presence that adds the beautiful mysticism to the science.

Being a busy mom means I have very little time to do anything I without children, like blog or watch a movie that isn’t geared toward the preschool attention span. I had the wonderful opportunity to finally watch Frequencies on Netflix the other day. Originally titled OXV: The Manual, it is a British movie directed by Darren Paul Fisher in 2013. It was sort of mind blowing as it pertained directly to me and although I intend to follow this director in hopes of finding more movies that are so apropos, I do realize that the trail of proverbial enlightenment crumbs may not lead to any specific author, director, or actor.


I do not usually revisit films or books unless there is something so visually stimulating (even by way of literary imagery) that I want to experience a particular landscape again. Some examples are the planet Pandora in the Avatar movie or the woodlands of Ireland in a lovely novel named Brida by Paolo Coehlo. I am not so enamored with the imagery in Frequencies but more in the ideas presented that confirmed much of my thoughts and experiences.

Below are seven noteworthy ideas about vibrational frequncy as I recall them. I am almost feeling like the movie was a stream of consciousness as presented in a dream and I only vividly recall certain aspects. These aspects are, in my opinion, specifically aligned with me to help me gain further understanding.


The movie begins where the children’s individual frequency scores are given to them. Marie has an exceptionally high score while Zac’s frequency is actually a -7 or so.  It is later seen that it was tested using a blindfolded method. So the viewer does not know how they were tested nor in what way the actually managed to quantify frequency. We just know that there is a numerical [score] and they immediately begin to identify with that. I do not want this to spoil the movie by outlining too much of it here so I will refrain from being too detailed. It was very notable to me that frequency wasn’t determined at birth or even by birth.

In accordance with the Nature v. Nurture argument, we cannot be certain how much either affect our overall capacity. In the movie someone casually remarks that “nature still needs nurturing” which further lends to thequestion of what might be the determining factorthings like IQ and in this case, [vibrational] frequency.


As the character in the trailer refers to the young boy with the unusually low frequency (a negative value) who is out of sync with nature, it is a common theme in the movie and in my studies that a higher frequency suggests a more agreeable life experience.  First off “negative frequency” is a mathematical construct and doesn’t quite equate with life experience.  The fact that the young man experiences things that he does not desire like rain or injury as opposed to the “charmed” existence of the high frequency girl is a matter of his ability to conceive and attract more favorable outcomes.

In society people’s frequencies are manipulated daily on a mass media social level as well as by constant interaction with various people and things.  That said, a person of high frequency is less susceptible to vibrational influence.  It is interesting to note that they accused the low frequency individual of having a history of manipulation which struck me as him not only being vulnerable but seeking to cause and take advantage of others’ vulnerabilities.  which brings me to my third point…


While Zac is accused of having a history of being manipulative, we see on Marie use her influence a number of times.  One such instance was a man leaving a train so that she could sit where he didn’t seem to have prior intention of leaving.   Zac is seen scheming and plotting for much of his life trying to attain what he wants, which is essentially a higher frequency and a chance to be closer to Marie.  Marie stated that the nature is pretty much at her beck and call which includes the psyches of the people around her.  Since it is effortless for her to bend peoples’ wills it is not labeled as distasteful perhaps because it is almost entirely undetectable and seamless in the natural ‘scheme’ of things.

In present society therefore, where mass media manipulation is so prevalent, it is difficult to place much blame because of the subtle undertones of influence over people who wield very little control over their own vibrations.  Does that mean that those who are in control have a higher frequency?  More simply put, the frequency of control, the persistent efforts, is deliberately raised.  Is that inherently good or bad, positive or negative?


In the Rastafarian community we have a mantra of Word, Sound, Power in which we acknowledge the effects of language and music and the ramifications of proper use and misuse.  This was mentioned in the movie but with the British caucasian cast the focus was more classical music instead of Reggae but the theme was built on universal law.  The use of words to instantly control the actions of another and the use of music to balance out frequencies were both very interesting.  I’m sure everyone is fairly familiar with the concepts of affirmations and positive music as simple mood enhancers or even complex subliminal programs.


Immediately I was reminded of a book I hold dear to my heart “Your Immortal Body of Light” by Dr. Mitchell Gibson in which a psychologist is visited by Djehuty (commonly known as Thoth), the Ibis head god (ntr) or Kemet (Egypt) during his meditations.  It is interesting to note that the author was not familiar with the god and did not know his correlations with words and writing.  In his visions/meeting Djehuty informed him of many things, one of the most important was how everyone had specific words that could be used to heal or destroy them.  Dr. Gibson went on to be one of the few people in the medical profession who are concerned with and actually capable of healing instead of temporary treatments.


In between Zac’s extremely low frequency and Marie’s high score was Theo, Zac’s friend who received a very average score.  It stands to be noted that frequency is not synonmous with intelligence.  Although Marie’s IQ is 210 and she never needs to take notes in school, Zac is referred to as a genius a number of times and Theo’s display of intellectual abilities is nothing like we would expect of average ilk.  Marie’s natural knowing seems to result from being in vibrational sync with information on a whole whereas other individuals may have an ability to attain knowledge but not as easily attract it.


While everything is relative, I do recognize that there are many a Mensa member who are undoubtedly higher scorers than in any quantifiable measure of intelligence.  That said, although my IQ is not close to 210, I have experienced much of Marie’s “issues”.  Where her high frequency in the movie has led to her inability to feel anything, I have been accused by my parents from a very early age of being “lackadaisical” as my mother would put it.  I generally lacked the passion and traits like vanity and materialism they thought normal while I displayed more intelligence and a proclivity for studying and contemplation.

Now that I am an adult and a parent, I have of course experienced and displayed much more emotional varying in intensity, although I find my style of emoting is still vastly different from theirs.  One thing I have noticed, however, is that I have and am still susceptible to patterns or past and present manipulation although the more I actively raise my vibrations the harder it is to pretend to have the same emotional reactions.

Marie is referred to robotic in the movie and usually has plastered on her face the fakest of smiles.  While people may not realize that her smile is disingenuous, the might notice that fact that she only sustains it for as long as they seem to be paying attention.  I have found myself doing that way too many times to the point where it hurts my face and later my feelings because I worry that people can tell that I don’t care about their small talk.

Ultimately it leaves me to wonder if empathy is an emotional intelligence that is really of a higher consciousness of frequency.  In the event that frequency denotes a knowing of things in general, there is the frankness of the logical mind for example where death is concerned.  The ability to offer condolences with a hint of love and sincerity is indeed a higher frequency and suggests that Marie is lacking.  How then can she be in sync with nature simply because she can conceive and attain her most favorable outcomes yet can’t do that for anyone else?


Another fascinating theme of the movie is fate, destiny and the ability to predict outcomes.  Zac, Theo and Marie represent gradations along the spectrum of both inter-relational intelligence and frequency.  They each experiment with cause and effect, at different times in the movie for different reasons.  One phrase repeated in the movie is “Knowledge Determines Destiny”.  It seems as if this was presented as a hypothesis and is proven by the final scene, or not.  A subsequent question might be knowledge of what determines destiny and whose knowledge controls whose destiny?  What is destiny and/or fate and is it couldn’t it become a distraction where the actual living of life is the main idea.


While this is not meant to be a movie review it’s needless to say that I heart this film.  It is thought provoking and has a crisp visual content that if neither over taxing to the senses nor too simple.  My daughter did point out that it is interesting that the idea of frequency is approached in England as opposed to someplace more Eastern and known for references to energy (Qi, Prana, Sekhem, etc.).  What’s more notable is the total lack of spirituality present which I find somewhat helpful since the absence of emotionalism where religions are concerned leaves more room for clear thought in my opinion.

Without any mentioning of spirituality, it makes the idea of changing frequency sort of hopeless.  Even as I think that sentence, it seems as simple for me as changing the channel, mentally and emotionally.  I suppose that wasn’t the goal of this movie.  i am pleased with the way it was presented nevertheless and highly recommend it.  If you made it to the end of this meandering of jumbled thoughts and even happen to check out the movie or book mentioned, please leave a comment. I would love to know what others think of these ideas.


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