Cake Cake Cake Cake: Thoughts on Thriving in the Age of the Ass

I have almost lost all of my baby weight and I usually do so with little effort after each pregnancy therefore that has never been my issue.  My concern is that when I lose weight, I lose curvature and I would like to keep summa that.  To be totally truthful.  Ass matters to me.

My diet is almost entirely fat free so I never have much reason to worry about keeping weight.  We have been eating fish for muscle tone nowadays tho.  My idea is that we may have to eat a little muscle to gain and maintain muscle.  I’m on fence about that still but for a few years now, we’ve gotten used to eating fish again.

I am now exercising daily and more importantly, staying committed to a routine because it is important to me to move my energy around on a regular basis with intent and purpose.  Also, I must admit, I want to tone my muscle and when I say muscle, I am mostly referring to my glutes.  That ass.  Them cakes.  My booty.

It feels shallow but It’s the truth.  A big part of me hates how rampant the butt fascination has become.  There was a time when absolutely no one cared.  I think men were more focused on breasts and legs but out of nowhere, people have evolved to an era where the backside is at the forefront of desirability.  In a lot of ways, that stinks.  Pun fully intended.

Exhibit A.  A for ASS:

These are not vegan cakes...
These are not vegan cakes…

I don’t want to accuse Miss Nicki because I don’t really care all that much about her personal life or her music for that matter, however, she has become the bodacious booty mascot.  Women are actually seeking that disproportionate look and paying good money to attain it.  Although I am not a believer in media just because something has been convincingly reported, it HAS been said that women have died and been seriously injured by butt injections and the like.  I find this to be saddening.

At one time in fairly recent history, women wanted to be more than just a pretty face.  Notice my mind, my wit, my intelligence, my heart…the things that really make me who I am as a person.  Now, as my daughter becomes a woman, her peers are showing their ass.  Literally and it’s a highly favored look.  I simply cannot believe what we are becoming.

Meanwhile I am googling “how to stay balanced while doing lunges” because I keep wobbling and I really want to get some good reps in.  I am seeing so many styles of squats and other glute exercises and am even considering buying weights.  I even feel an improvement already from my new routine and tightness that I am quite proud of but am I now part of the problem?  Am I perpetuating the baby got back stereotype?  Am I competing…from behind?!

best glutes

When I lose weight, my glutes are the first to go.  I literally feel like my back went straight down into my legs.  Although I can do the waif thing with no problem and be pretty and wispy and runway ready, I didn’t feel womanly enough or even healthy.  There was a flaccidity to my muscles that was just not right.  I had a friend say that his girlfriend’s butt looked like two elbows when she bent over.  I took that personallym and felt badly for her and me, as I stared off into the distance.  So that brings me to more questions…


Are men or people wrong for having preferences?  What if those preferences are a result of a specific type of conditioning?  If a man likes my toned glutes is he automatically an asshole?  Is that all he wants me for?  Am I a thot?!?!

I am mostly joking since I have come to peace with my desire to be healthy and active with a toned (somewhat) scultpted frame.  I am not obsessed with my body, nor my appearance for that matter.  I am just treating myself with care and attention. I still think that these questions are important and apropos as we need to examine where we’re headed as a society.

Nicki is a lovely, comely woman.  She is worthy of love and attention, as we all are.  She deserves to be appreciated for her assets, ahem…her qualities and I do care about her personal life, actually.  Vibrationally we are all one and I hope she loves her entire self as I learn to do the same.

Funny cuz even Miss Anaconda wants to be seen as more than just a pretty base.


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