10 Benefits of Oil of Oregano and How to Make Your Own

A few years ago a friend of mine recommended Oil of Oregano for my daughter’s acne and overall gut health.  Since then, I have seen many people praise the oil and from further research I gathered that it is very strong and can be somewhat pricey. I decided to make some to add to my proverbial medicine bag.


Here are 10 main benefits of this highly concentrated oil concentrated oil.  (Get the full list here)

1.  Fights Infection

Just like Garlic, Echinacia and Golden Seal, Oild or Oregano can be used as an effective anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and an anti-viral medicine.

2.  Protects Against Harmful Organisms

Effective in preventing organisms found in contaminated water or meat to reside in the body.

3.  Source of Essential Nutrients

Such as vitamins C and E, Iron and Calcium.

4.  Digestive Aid 

Promotes good gut health by aiding in bile production, while cleansing and oxygenating the colon.

5.  Menstrual Aid

By cleansing the colon it alleviates the bulky weight of the intestines on the uterus as well as creating less pressure in the abdomen and allows better blood flow for womb health.

6.  Supports Graceful Aging

Provides antioxidants and other nutrients that prevents the damaging of cells over time.

7.  Allergy Support

Soothes inflammation and itching associated with allergies symptoms.

8.  Weight Loss

Lowers cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

9.  Eases Discomfort

Acting as an anti-infammatory, it reduces aches and pains.

10.  Combats Colds

If taken at the onset of a cold, can heighten immunity and lessen the severity and/or duration.


I happened to like these instructions DIY Oil of Oregano.  Here are my basic steps:

~ Decide how much oregano you will use. (Since I am not one for measuring, I simply bought a package from the groceries store from the produce section.  It was 2/3 oz)

~ Chop your oregano (as you might with kale or spinach.  The stems were pretty tough to cut through but i felt the green inside would be of benefit so I included the stick like stems rather than discard them, doing my best to cut through.)

 Put the herbs in a clean, dry jar.

~ Pour just enough Extra Virgin Olive oil to cover the herbs (a 1:1 ratio of a liquid to a solid baffled me metrically.  My teenager laughed at me until she realized she was confused too.  So I didn’t measure the oil. Sorry.  Not sorry.)

~ Bring water to a boil, remove from heat then place the jar in the hot water.  (I personally don’t use microwaves especially in a situation where I desire a healng effect, nor would I advise it)

~ Remove the jar when the surrounding water is cooled.

~ Shake the contents of the jar.

~ Place in a window for two weeks, shaking the contents once or twice every other day or so.

~ At the end of the two weeks, strain the leaves from the oil and store in a glass bottle or jar. (note: glass has a healthier vibration that plastic and should always be used if possible)

Oil of Oregano is highly concentrated and should not be used regularly or at full strength.  Exercise caution if pregnant or breastfeeding and unsure of what you should take.


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