3 Things You Should Know About Spiritual Awakening and What May Happen to You When You’re No Longer Asleep

Many say there is a shift occurring of mass consciousness. I can only truly attest to my own elevation but I must admit that, more and more, I am seeing people encounter some of the things that I have experienced along my journey.


Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening has been a very illuminating point of reference for years as I realized the intricacies of my life.

From living as a modern day mystic, I have learned THREE things about the awakening process…

1.  Much of the physiology associated with spiritual awakening is multisymptomatic, overlapping, and sometimes contradicting.

For example, there can be surges of energy and/or a drained sense of lethargy…Significant weight gain preceded by or following considerable weight loss.  This can cause some confusion and perhaps a bit of skepticism but one should understand that life is a holistic balancing act so spirit might guide you to address your body image issues through an exercise regimen that inevitably aligns you even more with spirit…or something to that affect.

It’s all a process that pays off based on perspective.  The best vantage point from which to view anything in life is through the eyes of a humble pupil.

2.  Spiritual awakening is often similar, likened or congruent to mental issues.

I came across an article by Malidoma Some, “What A Shaman Sees in a Mental Hospital” that explains the fact that mental illness is viewed and treated differently here in the U.S. as opposed to his native  country of Burkina Faso.  Dr. Some has written several great books on spiritual initiation and the authenticity of shamanism.  According to him, mental imbalance could be a sign of accessing other realms.

3.  Spirit guides very specifically.

A person finds guidance very much fated for her own path at the right time in the right places.  Even stark cynicism is eventually replaced by enlightenment as awareness grows.  Such growth only occurs as a person is ready and welcoming of change. Finding information that speaks to your specific soul journey is like the various notes in Alice in Wonderland, “Eat this” or “Drink Me”.  Everything happens exactly as it should to whom it should in due time in  perfect sequence.



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