10 Encouraging Thoughts for a Broken Heart and Spirit

Ahh, there is nothing like diving into the pages of a profound book to find healing words of wisdom to help us navigate the sometimes stormy waters of life.  Memes are like little life preserver rings that keep us afloat.  The pool noodles of life.  Feel that inner lift and smile knowing that you are safe.

Here are a few things to remember:


As my daughter would say “Whelp, I’m still awesome” *shrugs*.  Gravitate towards individuals who are encouraging.  If there aren’t any, build yourself up.  Honor your emotions, your sadness, regrets and resentments and allow them to pass like a cloud.  Acknowledge that your inner sunshine will always remain because you are worthy of life.


Isn’t nice to know that you can remain centered while the clouds pass?  You can focus on counting deep breaths until the undesirable subsides.  Giving attention to an unwanted person or situation only prolongs the what isn’t wanted.  You can proactively decide what is worthy of your reaction.  You can proactively decide to look at the bright side from moment to moment.


What is for you, is for you. Simply put. There is a divine unfolding in life that we cannot see on a physical level but we can choose to trust that the outcome is favorable. Find peace in the knowing that there is a natural order of events.


Deepak Chopra often illustrates, our parents had to have a specific gleam in their eyes at a specific time to come together to conceive us. Even more strings of events, thoughts and actions create different aspects of our lives and shared existence. Nothing that we endure is without reason and it is wise to learn from each experience. These lessons prepare us for our tests.


The only moment we truly have is the present and even that is fleeting. The past cannot be changed and it does not serve us to focus on negative outcomes and possibilities. “Waiting for the other shoe to drop” may feel like a protective mindset when in actuality it is a projecting the unwanted into the future. Let time work to your advantage.


Spring always comes after the winter and sunshine always follow the rain. As Abraham-Hicks would say, to argue against this would be to argue for your limitations. Let life be good for you while you patiently let it get even better.


How great is it to understand that energy is never lost, only reassigned? Love and potential will always be infinitely available. I believe we all come to know this from experience and can look forward to attracting more of who and what we prefer, in time with practice.  


Everyone experiences miracles in their lives.  It is important to remember them when the negative events and possibilities overwhelm us.  Expecting things to go well, even exceeding any of our expectations, means purposefully seeing from the vantage point of contentment and confidence.


It is a simple as the glass being half full.  Being happy that there is a glass.  

Perspective really is everything.  One person can feel the sun and fear  sun burn, skin cancer and may feel completely over heated.  Another person can stand right next to the and bask in the warm light, soaking in the vitamin D and smiling knowing that their serotonin level is rising.  Perspective is a choice well made to give yourself the better view in life.


If you stroll along looking behind you, you are bound to trip and fall.  At some point we gotta stop trippin’ and face forward.  The beauty of closing that last chapter is noting that yes, it happened and it is only up from here.  You are then free to write your next chapter.  Moment by moment determining what to experience and how.  Are you living in a tragedy, an adventure or a comedy?  Can your character be interesting and happy?  Is there really such a thing as a happy ending?  Can you willfully make it so?  You are the author and the interpreter. 

Let life be good for you.  Make your story an awesome one.  Imagine there is a narrator.  Theme music.  Would you prefer a soundtrack or a score?  Know that you can change every aspect of your story, especially the now and especially the main character: YOU.


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