The Present is the Present

Fleet Foxes, Robert Nesta, Midnite and K’naan

Yemaya, Oshun, my grandmas and the soul who transitioned in front of my job today…disembodied covered in white 

I am a quiet meditative mama thinking of my children always and finding beauty and completion everywhere I gaze

Laughter and smiles are transforming as solace and silent twinkling stars

How I love this life and it’s challenges urging me to always want more and relish in the contented moment

I have not written in years, many moon phases  

I quietly await the inspiration to share, motivate, spark, enrich

Therein lies the wealth of all good things, the circular goodness of motivation, the grand pyramid scheme that is life

Let life be good is my message

Let your soul soar and settle into it’s vastness 

We are complete and completely capable

Whatsoever we can conceive we are destined for one way or another in due time 

Let your heart burst with longing and gratitude 

Personify the goodness of existence

Ruminate on and claim as your own, the possibilities and the positivities. Be free in spirit. Free spirited. Sovereign 


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